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If you have already joined the cryptocurrency world, think about the beginning. You were willing to kick-off but it was like a very hard and complicated world. Full of anxiety. Not even knowing what the #blockchain is. Use BitExplorer | The Blockchain Network as your guide through the World of Cryptocurrency.

As soon as you understand the #basics it is quite simple and you will see how great the #blockchain is and which enormous potential it has. Finally a potential to change the world in total in a very very short time.

But first of all you should go through some important basics. In the end you will see that the blockchain jungle is nor more a jungle. It is an easy and vey interesting world. Nothing to be afraid of.

1. Basics

1.1 What is Bitcoin?

1.2 How does Bitcoin work?

1.3 Obtaining Bitcoins

1.4 Using Bitcoins

1.5 Key Milestones in the History of Bitcoin

1.6 Bitcoin versus Mainstream Currencies

1.7 The Pros and Cons of BTC

2. The Bitcoin Economy

2.1 How BTC Gained Ground over the Time

2.2 What Drives the Price of BTC?

2.3 BTC. Supply and Demand

3. The Future of Bitcoin

3.1 Projections. The Future of BTC and Cryptocurrencies

4. Trading Bitcoin

4.1 Understanding the volatility

4.2 Trading strategies

4.3 How to start trading

4.4 The Exchange

… and more

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