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🔗 Bitcoin Lightning Network Hits 6,000 Nodes:
Bitcoin’s mainnet #Lightning Network implementation has hit new records across the board as its rapid growth continues in 2019. 6,000 Nodes, $2.4 Million Capacity Data from monitoring resource confirms that the number of active #nodes, channels and overall #transaction #capacity of Lightning are all now higher than ever. Read more
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🗄 Facebook Allegedly Still Rejecting Crypto Ads:
Since 2018, global internet giants took a stand against cryptocurrencies. Google, Microsoft, Snapchat, #LinkedIn, #MailChimp and Facebook all banned crypto ads from their platforms. The reason they gave was that advertisers were using their #platforms to promote crypto and ICO scams. Read more
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💱 California Engineer Loses $422,000 in Life Savings after Using QuadrigaCX:
A California-based engineer lost the entirety of his life #savings after using QuadrigaCX’s cryptocurrency #exchange for remittance. Tong Zou, 30, said in an interview to #Bloomberg that he had opened a withdrawal request at QuadrigaCX in October 2018. Read more
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Fear and Greed Index:
Today: 41
Change 1 day: +5
Change 7 day: +19
Change 30 day: +24

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